Poole Harbour Heritage Project: Hulks

Shipwrecks on the beach rotting away in the mud. Records of these vessels rarely exist and it is hoped a team of volunteers can be found to record details.

Is this a relic from WW2?

Redhorn Quay – this was first observed immediately after the war. These beaches were out of bounds to local residents while preparations were made for the D-Day landings

The Swash Channel Wreck lies on the eastern edge of the Swash Channel, the principle approach into Poole Harbour, and was discovered in 2004 during the course of a geophysical assessment in support of a channel deepening project by Poole Harbour Commissioners and Poole Borough Council. Following archaeological assessment in 2004, the wreck is thought to represent the probable remains of an early seventeenth century armed merchant vessel. As a result of perceived national significance, the wreck was designated under the Protection of Wrecks Act (1973) in December 2004.