Chairman’s Quarterly Report – May 2022

Visitors to the Poole Maritime Trust website may have noticed that for some time there has been no
report from the Trust Chairman in respect of current activity. This has, in part, been due to the
absence of a useable and managed website but also, for reasons many will understand, the need to
limit events over the past two years due to the pandemic. Clearly things in this area have improved
of late such that this year members events in the form of lectures have taken place as has the Trust

Although, due largely to the pandemic, the Trust has not put on an exhibit in the local area for the
past two years things have returned nearer to normal and on 30 th April and 1 st May, the Trust had a
stand at the Bournemouth Maritime Festival. This was held at Hurn near to Bournemouth Airport
and brought together a large number of organisations which are involved with local maritime
business and maritime affairs. Our stand did attract quite a lot of interest although the weather and
the location did limit footfall to some extent. The Trust committee will examine where such events
might take place in the future.

On a different issue, the Trust has recently come to a provisional arrangement with the Society for
Poole whereby members of both organisations can attend each other’s events. The Trust and the
Society hold similar interests in relation to Poole, the Harbour and the local environs. The
relationship may be developed further in the future.

Looking to the future a number of projects are under consideration. Work using our remotely
operated underwater vehicle (ROV) and other up to date technical equipment, including a drone,
will continue over the summer. As far as the archive is concerned, the Trust has been generously
gifted a number of new items which assist in the development of our understanding of the history of
the harbour and local area. The Trust committee is examining examine ways in which this material
can be better exhibited as our current location is somewhat limited in terms of space.

Details of future events will be published on this website and updates will be published on a regular

Commodore G H Edwardes OBE, Chairman